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  • The 2019 Annual Hawaii Seminar will be held on Wednesday, November 20 through Friday, November 22, 2019, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Arrangements for the venue are still being negotiated. Registration will open in May!
  • eRISA Update (Quarterly Current Developments Service):
    eRISA Update is an electronic current developments service, providing comprehensive summaries of all the important developments in the retirement plan area. The following is a description from the latest issue, Fall 2018..
    Legislative Update.There are no legislative updates in this issue.
    IRS/Treasury Update. (1) update of the EPCRS procedure that will require VCP submissions to be made electronically at the website, (2) update of the model 402(f) notice for recent law changes, (3) private letter ruling that allows a 401(k) plan to offer an employer nonelective contribution to employees who make student loan payments at a certain level without violating the contingent benefit rule under IRC §401(k)(4)(A). (4) extension of the submission period for defined contribution Pre-Approved Plans through December 31, 2018, and (5) interim guidance on IRC §512(a)(6), which requires UBTI to be calculated separately for each unrelated trade or business in which a tax-exempt entity (including a qualified plan) invests.
    DOL Update
    . Proposal that will allow defined contribution MEPs to be sponsored by a PEO or by a bona fide group or association of employers that are in the same industry or trade or operate in the same State or metropolitan area.
    PBGC Update. Regulations that incorporate the PPA 2006 change to the phase-in rules for guaranteed benefits that apply the initial phase-in over a 10-year period to majority owners in place of the 30-year phase-in period that previously applied to substantial owners.
    Litigation Update. Several court cases that address fiduciary liability for misstatements made by the plan fiduciary’s agents (ministerial employees), PBGC recovery against a commonly controlled trust and under the federal common law doctrine of successor liability, statute of limitations, arbitration, class actions, plan interpretations, and the assignment of health plan claims.
    Miscellaneous Guidance Update.
    An Executive Order directing the DOL and the IRS to issue rules that will expand access to MEPs, make disclosures more user-friendly, and determine whether the life expectancy tables under the required minimum distribution rules should be updated.
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