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A double shot of essential compliance tools: The SECURE Act & Other Pension-Related Legislation Under the 2019 Appropriations Act [Including Analysis, Recommendations, Timing and Compliance Issues, and Applicable DOL/IRS/PBGC guidance], and The COVID Handout for Retirement Plans

This is the most comprehensive explanation of the SECURE Act provision and other pension-related provisions in last year's consolidated budget bills. The COVID Handbook reviews the retirement-related provisions of the CARES Act, and the response of the governmental agencies (Treasury/IRS, DOL/EBSA, PBGC) to the CARES Act and to the COVID pandemic in general..

A subscription to these publications ($150) includes the most current version of each compliance tool plus updated versions for 3 months

Each compliance tool covers each of the relevant provisions with a clear, practical explanation, including examples Where appropriate we include tips and traps relating to a particular rule. We also address the timing issues and the timing of any necessary plan amendments.

We will update these publications within two weeks of the issuance of any additional guidance on these statutory changes or other guidance

Stay current with the many anticipated regulations, rulings, and informal guidance from the Treasury/IRS, DOL/EBSA and the PBGC

These compliance tools are sent electronically as two pdf files, each with its own Table of Contents.

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