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TRI Pension Services helps your company host an inidividualized webcast by choosing topics


IWebcasts or webinars are conducted by Sal Tripodi


The webcast presentation fee is the greater of: (1) $5,000 or (2) $75 times the number of participants in the webcast..The maximum time for a webcast is 120 minutes

In addition to the presentation fee, the following charges apply:

  • Materials
    $1,000 base fee for materials preparation (power point slides and reference material handout in pdf format). There are no additional fees if the subject is Current Developments. A specific topic requires special materials preparation that is charged at $250 per hour of prep time, with an estimate provided once the topic is chosen.
  • ERPA credit surcharge
    If ERPA credits are desired for the program, the base fee is $500 plus $25 for each individual requiring ERPA credit. For persons seeking ERPA credit, sign-in and sign-out procedures are required and must be administered by the host firm or organization. TRI Pension Services will email a certificate of completion to each ERPA who attends thewebcast, fills out the sign-in and sign-out forms, and provides an ERPA number and, if applicable, PTIN. The same charges apply to an individual who has a PTIN and wishes IRS CE credits, but does not have an ERPA credential.
  • Offline viewing
    Webcasts may be made available by the host firm or organization only with prior consent from TRI Pension Services, and only if the offline viewing is available solely for internal training purposes for the firm or members of the organization. The release fee for offline viewing is $3,000 without limit on the number of times viewed by individuals authorized to do so.
  • Other fees
    Your group is responsible for all out-of-pocket expenses related to the webcast, such as licensing fees for any third-party platform used to host the webcast. .

Continuing education

Your group is responsible for arranging any continuing education credits that you wish to obtain for the seminar.other than the ERPA credits described above.

Cancellation policy

If the program is cancelled, your organization is liable for liquidated damages in the amount of $1,000 if cancelled within 90 days of the program (but not less than 30 days before), $2,500 for cancellation within 30 days (but not less than 7 days before), and $5,000 for cancellation 7 or fewer days before the scheduled webcast. There is no cancellation fee for cancellations more than 90 days before the scheduled date.

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